Peace at the Edge

I’m running away to the Ocean for a couple of days, looking for Peace… for respite… for heart’s ease. I find the ceaseless in and out of the waves soothing. Oddly, this morning I’m thinking about what a strange Peace choice the Ocean is… because its power to take away is as great as its power to soothe. Power, raw, relentless and elemental.

And yet, even in heartbreak, perhaps it’s good to remember that we are small and somewhat insignificant. That our lives pale beside the grandeur of the sea.

And then, because my brain doesn’t stop… or at least continues to work in fits and starts… i think, how could we, tiny specks on the face of eternity, have managed to leave large continents of gunk in the middle of vast and dangerous beauty? Ah, a poem for another day.

But later today, I will set my feet in sand and let all those positive ions, fused with happy memories of family beach time, wash over me. I will wallow in the love of family and friends (whether close by or distant) and in the vast emptiness of the sea, and I will try to come to grips with the notion that Deb, my beloved vital Deb is really gone.


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