Moving Snow Moon Peace

For over three years now, I’ve been writing dailies. In each successive year, I’ve become more and more aware how much the grounding in a principle, in a community, in nature deepens my ability both to observe what is and to notice possibilities.

I wonder sometimes, if the writing of the daily musings didn’t grow from my twice daily visits to my mom. Every day, at lunch and at dinner for at least a couple years, I drove to the nursing home to feed mom. Every day, twice a day, at the same time, the same route.

I watched the seasons build and fade into the next. I watched the light and the darkness fall across the sky. I saw the Moon wax and wane. I saw this happen on the same stretch of road. And then I watched the life in the houses, because some of it you couldn’t miss. Kids played in yards, people landscaped. One house burned down and a person died.

But still the seasons changed and life continued inexorably and Peacefully on as Nature insists. Even the scene of the awful fire has been reclaimed by grass and small trees and deliberately changed and renewed by clearing, rebuilding and planting… Life insists. Nature smooths what it can.

It’s up to us to translate the Peace. Up to us to identify it, name it and then extrapolate it into the way we live into what we offer the world. Peace. it’s our task to see and to do.


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