Mother’s Day Sabbath Peace, llvl

The life of the diminished i… I’ve gone through many periods in my life where I wrote i (i wrote I?) with a little i…

At this point, some of my non-capitalization is laziness. When i’m facebooking, which i do far too much of, i’m typing quickly rather than accurately (damn the capitalization, full speed ahead). I try to pay more attention to what I’m saying… and to not saying too much.

But I think there’s an interesting exercise in this a way of measuring my importance in what I’m saying… In the face of something wondrous, i’m pretty small. Engaging with Thou, any piece of the interconnected web of life, we are both to be marveled at.

Thinking of a favorite shrink who talked about being self-centered as a goal for everyone, knowing where I am in the question vs. being selfish, thinking I am the center of everything and oh, not so much. And this is, perhaps, not a big thought and a passing one. Some thoughts aren’t worthy of LOTS of reflection, just a hmmmmnnn and a moving on.

Today I hope you move on to a beautiful day, whether you’re celebrating with your mom or mourning her, celebrating being a mom or figuring how you will mother, Hooray for you. Yesterday, in the midst of the Mother’s Day wind-up to frenzy, I thought, well, at least Deb will not have to go through another Mother’s Day mourning her children and missing being a mom. I think too about the mothers in Nigeria, and in other parts of the world, missing their children and hoping they will be rescued. A sad Mother’s Day for too many. But I honor and celebrate these women on their journey as well… and wish you Peace and joyful reunion.

I’m going to take advantage of this beautiful day and go hang out with my friend Emily. I’m sticking the champagne split in the fridge and we can toast Betty and Nadine. Thanks for the memories, girls. We’ll live a glass to the kids in our lives as well. Thanks for the future. We’ll be sitting under her umbrella enjoying the sun eating food off the grill. Then I get to hang with the kids from church and their families. Pretty fun.



So, whether you’re celebrating or just hanging out, I wish you Sabbath Peace.

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