Layaway Peace, llvl

Ah, the odd human brain. My brain at least wanders around more like a pinball than a train… So, I move from capitalizing letters to funding Peace to storing up treasure for Peace. huh.

But the notion of the layaway brought back childhood memories and then raised that Bible verse about storing up treasure in Heaven… But I believe Heaven is here on earth (also?) and it is our job to bring it about. So, there we are, storing up treasures for Heaven.

The truth is that Heaven and Peace are accomplished in small incremental amounts. But as they sing on Mary Poppins, a penny wisely invested…

Thoughts of Peace and efforts for Peace don’t need to be grandiose, they just need to be steady…


One thought on “Layaway Peace, llvl

  1. I don’t usually take the time to send notes but this note struck a cord with me. If everyone did what you suggested by putting away a little money for what matters, how much easier their lives would be. I certainly hope this idea becomes ingrained in many people’s minds! Thank you for sharing this notion, Ann.

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