Peace Tears, llvl

I don’t know why I’m so caught by the notion that our bodies know the difference between tears of joy and tears of onions. It’s not the first time I’ve noodled about this. But, see, our bodies really ARE our temples! We knew that, now they’re proving it. Different fats along with different minerals comprise the emotions leaking out of our eyes.

And then! Someone told me (someone who actually studied this sort of thing) that young men have some chemical in them that discourages them from crying that eventually goes away. Does it change their feelings? Is it so they aren’t saddened in the same way when we send them off to war — or does it mean that they just can’t get the emotions out when we ask them to do unspeakable things and bear unthinkable memories? (I tried to google this, but couldn’t figure out what to ask to get any information about anything other than babies. But this guy’s pretty meticulous about his research and his sources.)

What is the composition of the tears we release when we witness an act of Peace? Do we release the same chemicals or is everyone a completely different chemical stew suspended in life-giving water? Is there some connection between the tears we cry and the foods we should eat to be more Peaceful?

And in the long run… We should probably just commit more acts of Peace. And if we weep a bit, in joy of Peace, it’s not a bad thing…


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