Meaning Peace

As I age, I believe less in finding Meaning than in making meaning. What I focus on is where my meaning emerges… and it’s important (for me) to focus on the positive, so that what I’m seeing is possibilities.

I’m always taken aback when people are despairing of the world. It’s not that there aren’t bad things that happen, it’s that the more we focus on the Good, the more of that we see and perhaps most importantly, the more of that we DO. We become empowered as agents of the good. If I work to raise money for Staten Island, will that stop war in Syria?

It’s a very distant connection to be sure, but I can’t do much about Syria, and I do know how to do something about people here. not much perhaps, but a little. and so, I do. And that becomes the spot where I make my meaning.

We must, as… was it Jimminy Cricket who said this: Accentuate the positive!


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