Community Peace/Peace Community

No matter how you splice it, it’s what we want…

We want to live in communities of Kindness and Respect. We also want to be communities earnestly in pursuit of Peace. When we build around our values we find that there are many whose beliefs are different than ours but whose values are shared…

After years on the margins, I’m relishing living in community; which is to say, I relishing being part of constructing the community in which I live — or maybe more correctly, communities. Lovely small overlapping communities…there’s Music at the heart of some, Peace at the center of others, support from all of them, laughter in each and every one.

I am seen and respected for who I am, as best as my community is able. I struggle to offer them the same respect. And then we work on what’s important, on building new truths and new connections, and stand fast for one another. That’s the best of community!

Count your Blessings! Count your Communities! They’re not easy to build, but the effort is well rewarded.


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