Peace Rapture

When we say rapture, most of us either think about sex (hooray) or the endtimes ( a bit different in word usage.) But when it comes to life, we think of it as rare and distant. I’m not sure about this, but I wonder if that isn’t because we’re not intimate with our own lives. These days we’re at a camera’s distance from everything that happens. Rapture is profoundly intimate… and overwhelming.

It bursts our hearts open and makes us available to joy, more joy, maybe even profound joy. It makes us consider how we might want to keep our hearts open a bit more. There will be ups and downs… but disappointment should not stand in the way of full on enjoyment.

I was caught of guard this year by rapture… All of a sudden, I was doing exactly what I was meant to do and I had the perfect partners and the project was exactly the right scope. Boom. Rapture. I’m hoping it taught me something about finding the right partners to work with and embracing projects which can be accomplished. It’s about using all the skills we have been given and then have developed.

It’s probably also about life being what we know we have… and to treat it as less than holy and worthy of holy rapture is to demean it. We are the Peacemakers. That’s our job. Let’s go!


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