Lovely Village Peace — Disturbed, llvl

So there I am, waxing eloquent as I often do, about the lovely safety of my little town, two blocks away my friends’ car was being boosted. Nice. Safe enough for snow shovels, but not so great for cars.

Blech, you know? And it could have been kids… they obviously couldn’t drive very well, because they got into some drifted snow… and had to abandon the car. Winter works it’s magic, foiling the getaway…

And joy riding has always been part of “these kids these days” whenever the days happened to be. But still?

When you live in trust and the trust is broken, when the agreements you thought you lived under turn out not to be the agreements you’re actually living under, it’s more than disconcerting, it’s disappointing.

I’m sure tomorrow’s poem lies in this somewhere. argh. I like believing I live in Paradise. But even Paradise has issues. As I keep reminding myself, it’s a road to Peace, and there are places we stumble along the way. Peace is harder work than we like to believe.

Thankfully, my neighbors got their car back.


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