Loud Dandelion Spring Peace, llvl

One day there’s nothing and then the next time you look there’s been an explosion. (What has a stealthy beginning to a loud and insistent life? Dandelions!) Last week the violets held court on the lawns. Nothing else to see but grass. This week, dandelions in full bloom, cheerfully giving the violets a run for their beauty.

I like sturdy, cheerful things that steadfastly refused to be moved from their purpose. I’d like to be that. Although I swoon for violets, I’ve probably got more in common with the dandelion. And truth to tell… don’t flower fritters sound delish? Yumhoo.

But what’s great? for this space in time we get ’em both. Delicate little violets. Sturdy little lions. (and in the gardens dragons! such fierceness!) Mother Earth’s a canny one, isn’t she?

Today it’s raining… good day to pull up your head and take a walk. The allergies can’t bother you, and truthfully, the flowers are just as beautiful in the rain and the walk as healthy. Peace on the lawn with raging flowers. Go figure.


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