Lemon Peace

Yummmm. Sounds like pie, doesn’t it. Lemon Chiffon? Lemon Meringue? I’m beginning to wonder if August isn’t going to be the month of foods in celebration of the harvest. I could probably do a week on tomatoes! Nature and the seasons keep delivering bounty, what can I do but wonder and write odes!

My friend Susan Willm taught me to make the best lemonade (using the lowly Joy of Cooking Cookbook), although her lemonade was made from, drum roll, Meyers Lemons. Oh, yeah. That raises the bar more than a notch!

I don’t drink lemonade often, but when I do, I’m transported to childhood and delight. It’s one of the few sugary drink treats that Mom ever had in the house. (she must have liked it a lot!) And let’s not forget limeade — swoon.

But lemons… those tart beauties are the beginnings of many favorite things in my life and the transformers of other favorite things. Pour a glass for a friend! Pour a glass for yourself! Drink deeply! Savor the sweet taste of Peace. Consider how sharing increases the delight. Ah, August! Summer!



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