Peach Peace

Every time we come to a new fruit or vegetable, I think, “there simply isn’t anything better than this…” whatever this may be… and so I’m stuck, obsessing about some particular piece of loveliness until Nature and agriculture’s next gift comes along.

Right now, it’s peaches. Oh, so good. Not those cue balls they sell in grocery stores, but the juicy, run-down-your face things you buy at your local farm stand. Sweet. and weirdly fuzzy. Why did that evolve, do you suppose? Certainly not just to entrance those of us who devour them! And of course the camp is divided between the entranced and those who just can’t stand the feel of the fuzz on their lips.

They are, for me, the quintessential August fruit. You can’t eat them elegantly, they’re juicy when ripe. You delight in them and their stickiness. And what more is asked of us than that we delight in creation. Give thanks, say grace and eat a peach. And then consider how your being in the world might offer people delight… even Peace. Be a peach for Peace, how about it?


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