It’s the Solstice! Celebrate the Peace!

We did our celebrations family style. We gathered at my brother and sister-in-law’s cabin, which is on a mountain north of Williamsport. His daughter Sarrah was home from New Orleans for a summer visit with her boys. There we were, my whole family, minus Sarrah’s husband, gathered. It was achingly sweet, and yet, my heart couldn’t help but notice that there were as many missing as there were present. The years give and the years take away.

But there was the mountain beauty, a pond full of fish to feed (a live pond, Tom reminded us), a warm day with a cool breeze (June!), Tom’s stromboli, and a whole bunch of strawberry shortcake (June!). There were great conversations with my brother about the life we sorta shared growing up (I was three years behind him) and lots of reminiscing about life that had already flowed over the dam.

It was a pearl of a day to add to the string of beauties I already hold of June days with my family. I’m a very lucky woman, I know that. Yesterday was a perfect celebration of the summer solstice. Hurrah! Peace and Love be with you all!

Terri was the one eating the roasted corn, starting her summer off with her own yum!


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