Sustaining Peace

Peace needs support.

We have to know the infrastructure of it to maintain it… The food we eat sustains us as we are Peacemakers. What sustains the food we eat? It’s important we know that. It’s a system. The more we know about the system, the more we care about it, the better Peace we can build!

It behooves us to take a close look at life.

Scott’s new camera lens helps us do that with the rain and the lettuce leaf. We should consider looking that closely with other things.

Peace is worth it. And it’s so beautiful! Hurrah! Take a closer look at Life and Peace. Figure out the smallest pieces of what makes them work… and cherish them. Celebrate!

Summer, when the sun is bright and the light is good, is a good time to notice the details. (especially for those of us who can use the boost in light to see better!)




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