Interrupted Peace

As fascinating as bustling little Ketchikan is, I confess I find it interruptive. I’ve loved sailing along the between the mountains where the only life beyond the boat is wild.

There are people running around taking advantage of all the boat has to offer but there are many more simply sitting in wonder, contemplating the beauty. A couple we met has taken this cruise many times, simply for the Peace of it. They don’t get off the boat. They do eat in the dining room, at a table for eight, so they can get everyone’s stories, but mostly, they sit on deck and enjoy.

So along comes Ketchikan (and it’s a weird thing, but it feels as if you’re the stable one and all this bounty is coming to you rather than your coming to it!) and the green is interrupted by this (for today at least) sunny city. It’s famous for it’s rainfall — with over 12-15 feet falling every year. It’s famous for its seafood; it’s the marine capital of the world. Sadly, I had no crab in Ketchikan, although i had a whole lot of salmon all week long.

And then, it is home to the largest collection of standing Totem Poles in the world with many artists doing both reconstruction and new construction. I loved the visit. But, oh, I loved Mother Nature’s green.


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