Hope and Peace, llvl

It’s been a bit “sloggy” around here recently. Hard work with small minds safely filled with old stereotypes. And then, this…

As you all know, if you’re following me, my little town recently lost a rising star. A young man, musician, poet, nice guy, skateboarder, high school kid, died in a car crash. Our students and our parents have been reeling with the grief. It hits at so many levels. The high school band has been having a very hard time.

And again I say, and then this.

They played an away game. You know local football rivalries in small towns, we live for them (well many of us do!) and they’re fierce.

But this day the home team band stopped their performance and asked for a moment of silence in memory of Miles. They read a poem. They gave a tree to his family to plant in his honor. It is the sweetest, most generous thing I’ve ever heard. What a lovely ability to see beyond their life… What a gift of being seen for the away team. Let us give thanks!

There’s Hope, folks, and we need to fan that flame every chance we get. Because that’s where beauty lies. That’s where Peace lives.


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