I have all sorts of reasons about why I rarely take the time to be thankful for all the wonderful things in my life. I am. I do try and live my life aware of the wonder that’s all around us. I understand my life’s work to be working for a better world. (oh, so lofty!)

But that’s different than taking the time to just be, to notice and then to allow gratitude to come flooding in. Ever since hearing about it, I have loved the notion of the Jewish Daily Prayers of Thanksgiving, starting with I thank Thee for restoring my soul within me…

I believe that living reverently makes me more aware of the beauty and abundance of the world. Filled, I am kinder, more generous, more creativity. Would I do better if I started a daily prayer cycle? Is that what I spend next year writing? who knows!

What do you do about daily prayer and thanksgiving?

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