Living Now

I’m sure it only annoys me when other people do this (not, for instance, when I do it!) but really what’s with whining about the weather? It is what it is. And it’s not as if most of us are one-season whiners. We whine when it’s cold, or it rains or it’s hot or it’s humid. It’s a cycle. Weather changes pretty much all the time, usually within a pattern. Now, with the global changes there are, perhaps, more fluctuations. It would be nice if our outrage about the weather moved us to outrage and changed behavior (or changed laws) about extreme-causing pollution, but mostly the weather leads to complaining, which leads to, well, nothing.

Right here and right now, life and the weather are what they are. Dress accordingly. Make plans to enjoy what the day brings us. For most, not all, of us first worlders, we can go in our houses and turn on the AC. Or we can go to the library or a mall, often in our air-conditioned cars.

It distracts us. It really is hard to focus on our dreams when we’re kvetching about the weather. I’m going to try and do better. However hot/sticky/overcast it is, I’m certainly enjoying the garden’s bounty (ok, my neighbor and my CSA’s bounty) and the fireflies. That’s should be enough to keep me working on my dreams!


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