Finding Peace, llvl

There are amazing people who live right around the corner from you — people who can call all things amazing right out of you!

It’s so easy to dismiss where we live as not enough. It’s true, it may not be perfect for you… but it has its good sides, you just have to look around a bit.

I left this region at a dead run when I was  a kid. Needed to get to the city and explore that version of exploding life. And I loved it. But I quit my job and went to seminary because I was looking for life that was, i remember saying, more circular, more full. I wanted to know people who polished more of themselves than their work life. I wanted people very like the people I grew up with.

Of course people saw that as my saying they weren’t something enough, but they just weren’t what i needed…I lived in NY. I met people who this was the 80s. People in New York were driven. (and that bothers you, you say, you’re pretty darned driven yourself.) yes, but about totally different things. I lived on the left coast for a while, and that was great, but I do best in small towns.

I know that’s not for everyone, but this is where i get to be me. I get to do good work and I get to have good fun. I know people in all places in their lives, the good ones and the hard ones. And I know people, surprising amounts of people who are really, really excellent at something in their lives. It may be their work, it may be a hobby.  Some of those things really interest me. Some fascinate me… who knew people did that????

But wherever you are. there are amazing people. You probably want to know more of them. Harvest Peace. Wherever you can find it. And speaking of harvest… farewell to this gorgeous pic…


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