Fall Sabbath Peace, llvl

It’s going to be another glorious day here. (anyone else worried about the lack of rain?) But since we’ve got it, let’s enjoy it. Hot days, cold nights. Glorious weather.

I went to the the local fair last night (think bigggggggggg) and heard the doo-wop show. It was really fun. I kept looking for my sister and her crowd… it was her era. And it was grrreat. Steve had said, oh, if you hear this guy, i’m like sure, i’m gonna hear that guy… well I did. So it was my husband’s era as well. And yes, i ate too much, but hey, it’s the fair!

But today after the fog burns off, I have my eye on a little walk and a little nap. Hope you have a good one. I wish you the Peace of lovely Autumn days and I wish you the time to get out in it…


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