Evening Peace, llvl

I had different plans for Friday evening. After all, King Street Coffee House was kicking of the season. And then there was the lure of doing absolutely nothing after a day of running hither, thither and yon. (both yon and thither were a distance, let me tell you! even if some of it was only mental!)

But Elijah called and I don’t get to see Meghan and him all that often. So, I succumbed to the lure of local. It was great. Local gallery with two great businesses run by lovely friends. And then a movie I’ve been wanting to see at our fabulous restored Art Deco movie house.

Walking home, it was still a lovely, warm Autumn evening and the gallery doors stood open in invitation. In for a quick gossip and boom, the evening was over with no real effort from me. I didn’t drive anywhere, and the popcorn at the movie theater has real butter. ok, now. That’s a Friday night. And in a couple weeks, I can get to King Street.

It can be a rich life if you’re willing to live la vida local. And if you’re willing to work on the things that stand between this life and Peace. But hey, that’s why we’re here, right?




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