Everyday Peace, llvl

Well, I’m off again today, this time to visit Cecilia. Lorraine and I get on the train in just a few hours. But before we left, I had this lovely slow day catching up on things, doing things that are completely Ann… writing my blog, writing a musing, prepping some weddings. A sweet, sweet day.

Even with fun, you have to take a pause once in a while and come back to self. It’s fun to recognize how very much I like my life and my work. And even with fun, once in a while you have to stop…

And stopping in a garden full of flowers, friendship and writing? that’s pretty heavenly!

I’m not sure when I’ll be back to this… can you imagine, people a) have summer homes and b) don’t always have wifi in them. And that, means going with the flow! Peace. It arrives in so many packages. We have to keep sampling, until we find it. Well, by Monday, certainly.

And we have to keep finding new ways to work on Peace, because what we’re doing isn’t edging the world forward, is it…


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