Everwhere Peace, Every Vida Local

When you’re an activist, and this year I’ve come to terms with that part of myself… it’s hard to leave. What if something wonderful happens and I miss it. (and it did, two wonderful things!) What if something horrible happens and I’m needed. (because no one else in the world is capable, let alone the fabulous people I work with.)

But it was time and family beckoned… and ok, let’s be frank… so did the warmth. And it is a wonderful thing indeed to be here. Miss my beloved, will bring him next time. Slept until 10:00 did that, like, oh, never!

And it is fun to visit and get into someone’s life. And these are cousins we didn’t know well as they were growing up, because our parents hadn’t done a good job of making the generations friends.

But here we are friends now, so we all work at visiting. And given their florida location, i admit, it’s no hardship.

But yesterday, when we walked in, this is what greeted me… which for some reason i can’t get to face the right direction… grrrrrrrrr. but she’s just as cute from the side view…EmilyPeace

so, i was happy, happy, happy. and doesn’t it just show you. wherever you go… there you are!



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