Cusp o Peace, llvl

Back and forth and back and forth… can’t you make up your mind? Oh right… you’re the weather, you don’t have to. And yet, the Sun’s changing what the North Wind refuses to acknowledge… here comes Spring, cold weather notwithstanding…

Even as I huddle against it (and superstitiously leave my snow shovel outside to ward off the snow… don’t laugh — have YOU had to shovel around L-burg lately, I don’t think so!), I notice the determination of the crocus (playing through!) and the tips of the complacent willows (so turning colors, here!). The sun is implacably moving north and life changes.

So, I’m frantically looking for spring colored clothes to wear that are not ALL black but still manage to envelop me in warmth… because 20˚ is after all 20˚!

But something’s coming, something good! I think Deb Slade has once again done her magic and shown the promise in the water! Thirteenth week. One-quarter of the year (or will be at the end of the week) through this Living the Vida Local… I’ve been seduced by my local Peace, how about you?


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