Crowding Pink Moon Peace

It’s just a busy time of Earth, this Pink Moon. Everywhere you look something’s happening.

I love to watch the trees flush with passion getting ready for their budding.

I love to watch the grass green and the earth soften.

I love that when our gardeners pull away the winter leaves there are pushy little sprouts there declaring their plot to dominate the world for a few seconds. And come on, sprouts!

By now, the Daffodils and Narcissus have gained quite a bit of height. They’re promising sun on Saturday and that will be the siren song that’s needed to have them burst into color.

Spring is underway. It’s still chilly. typical April weather actually. And more rain is predicted. And although it’s dreary, please, please, please, ma’am, may we have some more? We do need it. And it brings such Beauty!

I think I need to go walk around a bit and take it all in!

There’s some elusive connection I could probably make about Nature’s managing to not only have Peace with all these different plants and animals but also to produce astounding beauty and the human condition of so many lovely races and our inability to have Peace…

But I’ll leave that thought half formed and just celebrate the way the clouds on the hill turn into crowds of daffodils…

I love that corny song. My mom and I used to sing it together. There was a woman at her facility who was deep in dementia and she was scared and unhappy — and often a little mean. She muttered a lot, but didn’t talk much. But she loved this song. And when I saw her, I would sing it with her. And she would sing along and laugh and kiss her husband’s hand. Peace. Those daffodils bring a lot of Peace.



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