Cold Peaceful Close to Snow Moon Lunacy

This is it for 2015 Snow Moon. Tomorrow the Sugar Moon starts. Thanks for your beauty — you gave us a lot.

You were brutal, this year. There were “extreme winter weather events” all over the Eastern Seaboard this year. There was biting cold. (and oops, there still is!)

So here we are, on the other side of the Snow Moon and what do we know. The worst winters in history are piling up. It could be a “weather phase,” but it’s much more likely to be global climate change. We need to take this seriously. We’re fiddling while Rome burns.

And meanwhile we’re complaining. And you know, lots of people who were complaining were underdressed. Can’t run around in a teeshirt under your jacket and whine because you’re cold, my dears, it’s negative degrees. and that? is cold…

I sound like my mother. I have to admit. I don’t think she was wrong. She wasn’t wrong about recycling either and she and daddy started early, early, early. There’s a lot we should be doing for this planet.

We can’t just say we want Peace on Earth and Peace for the Earth, we have to do something. We’re the only ones who can make a difference. Peace is on us.


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