Building Houses of Peace

Fallingwater is beautiful. Crafted by a major architect in a gorgeous setting, it is a feat of amazement. I’m awed by it… To build where the water, land and sky meet… what vision. Walking around, you notice not just the architecture, but also the Peace of the forest and rock and the waters that tumble over them.

But it is a wonder, not a house for the likes of most of us. And that’s a good thing, because the forest needs to exist without our building roads into it.

But houses of Peace need to be every house. We need to create Peace in our own houses. And we need to make sure that everyone has a house. I’ve lived in a place where there are very few homeless. And I’ve lived in a place where there are too many.

It’s an expensive proposition to house the world. But people’s dignity and sanity change. We need more affordable housing. and we need job training so that people can work at the jobs that are available, so that people can afford to support their own housing.

Yes. That’s a lot of need. But a world of people with employment, with health, with education, leads to more Peace.

There are so many ways for us to give Peace a chance. But to begin where we began, outrageous beauty in the midst of outrageous beauty is one of them.


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