Blue Peace, llvl

We have to take the signs where we get them when the temp is hovering in the teens. The weather will turn. It’s March.

Everyone is stir-crazy. We’ve been inside too long. Spoke to my friend who owns a cafe the other day. Business is ‘way off. For a while she worried, is it me? One of her suppliers came by and said everyone’s business is off. It’s too cold to go out. We’re all spending a lot more than we’d planned on heat. And we’re huddled against the cold.

The river freezes and thaws. And so do we.

But yesterday the sky was so blue. It wasn’t a winter blue; it was the blue of spring. Deep, beautiful blue. A promise in the midst of very cold weather. We’ll take that, and we’ll remember… Spring is coming. And with spring, a different sort of Peace-making, a sweet growing Peace… Ah, beauty!

C’mon sun! (and hey, it’s Pi Day, Pie Day… how bad can it be?)


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