Balance in Peace

I’ve had a couple rather inspiriting if sobering days. So it was great yesterday to get in the car and literally and figuratively drive away from those times, give everything a chance to settle.

And what better way than to drive through the Autumn Foliage. Route 80 where i live is fairly high, and driving west it’s fairly wild. So nothing but trees, trees, trees, in varying states of Fall finery. Red, Orange, Purple and still a fair amount of vivid green. Wow!

Emily and I are good travel companions. We share responsibilities easily and laugh just as easily. GPS takes the “where do i turn next?” right out of the question, so, zoom, zoom, zoom.

And then there was a slow and comfortable afternoon, spent, reading and goofing off, drinking a bottle of champagne with the purpose of this trip. EG Kight. I just don’t see her often enough.

And it’s been good to catch up. She was very sick a couple years ago, they didn’t know if she would live and afterwards if she would ever write/sing/play again. But last night but all those fears to rest. Strong of voice. Sweet, sweet songs, and hot, hot guitar licks.

And today after breakfast, we take off for Falling Waters and a big tour. I’ve never been and am really looking forward to it.

Sometimes you have to step away for a moment so you can step forward. And if you’re going to do that, might as well have it be fun. Even Peace needs a break. Sing ho for a small pause for laughter.



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