A Cool Peace

Those of us on the East Coast, or at least here in Central PA are a leetle tetchy about the weather. It’s downright chilly. 7am my computer told me it was 29˚. brrr. and a fair amount of grrrrring as well. (where is that warm jacket?)

Unusual? Well, we like to think so… but I certainly remember walking off to school on May mornings in a little cardigan only to get down town and see 32˚ on the bank’s digital display. Mommmmmmmm! What were you thinking? There’s a reason they tell us not to plant until after Mother’s Day, and then to keep a (get it?) weather eye out for any new seedlings.

This is life, just being unpredictable. This is us, Peacegardeners and Earthwalkers, having to roll with it. We can moan and groan, or we can celebrate that the storm that drove in the cold front eliminated two thirds of the rain deficit we were running. Weather isn’t really dependable, it just is what it is. And whether we’re gardening or making Peace, we need to work with it and around it. So, slip back into the fleece and figure out what you’re going to do when the sun warms things up later today.


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