Kid Peace

A chance encounter in an alley: generally when you hear those words, what comes after isn’t good. But here we were on a bright, but chilly May morning. I was parking the car, all the in-front-of-my-house spaces having been scooped by workers. She was coming down the alley behind her house on her way to school.

She waved and deigned to speak! As an adult who bounces in and out of the life of kids, I do try and give them some choice in the matter! Next thing I know, we’re walking to her bus stop as she explains the intricacies of Girls on the Run (yahoo) and what they’ve been doing.

As you can imagine, I’m all about anything that’s empowering the girls, so it was a fun conversation and she had a great understanding of what was happening. And then a quick segue to how she’d be spending her summer vacation, and I waved goodbye. She’s going to otter camp which might also be seal camp, how much did I want someone to send me?????

It’s important to look through eyes that view the world at a different level, now and again. And hooray for friends across the generations! Being present. Counting blessings. Watch words for Peace.


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