A Breath of Fresh Air Sabbath Peace

I’m a little out of sequence on the Alaska trip, there’s Ketchikan to write about: it was our first stop on the cruise. But yesterday was so warm and I, very uncharacteristically, spent much of it running around in and out of the heat at our church’s yard sale, that I was focused a lot on the notion of fresh air.  (and the swimming pool, I thought a lot about the swimming pool as well! And you can bet I came home, cleaned up and went to visit my beloved town pool.)

We were taken by surprise on this trip. Everyone had warned us about how cold it would be. We didn’t even take shorts. Only one pair of capris. And there we were, off guard. But the water is frigid and there are glaciers (glaciers!!!) I’ve never experienced such a sweet breath of air.

Sadly, if you don’t get there soon, you may not either. Global warming has raised temperatures there nearly 11˚ in the last few years. That’s a lot. Hence the ridiculously warm temperatures. Alaskans were swimming in 39˚ glacial lakes. brr. But they were so warm.

If you can, find yourself a place this sabbath to enjoy a sweet breath of cool air or a sweet swim and take this hot day very languidly… it’s what we’re supposed to do.



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