The Peace of Nature

The Peace in Alaska is overwhelming. There are very few “distractibles.”  In a land twice the size of Texas there are no more people than in a mid-sized city somewhere else. Only 700,000… and something like 30,000 eagles. More eagles in Juneau than people.

In the Inside Passage there is only endless Earth, Sky and Water. Even on a ship, steaming along at a decent speed, there’s not a lot you hear. And what you see is majestic.

On the trip, I’d made the decision to disconnect. I didn’t have wi-fi, I didn’t have my computer, I didn’t have a camera. I had to buy a little notebook, but I barely wrote in it. I just sat and inhaled the Peace, storing it up, filling my lungs, my eyes, and my soul with the fresh, raw beauty of Nature at her most profoundly elemental.

Now my job is to remember that, to be inspired by that and to translate that to a world that longs and leans toward Peace.


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