Your Place of Peace

As a minister, you’d think I would have a regular schedule of retreat and pilgrimage, wouldn’t you? But instead, like the rest of us, I spend my time hurrying from place to place, meeting to meeting, event to event. I don’t remember the last time I sat on a rock in a stream. Particularly on the rock in my steam. or when I waded along the ocean for hours in the morning, running in and out of the waves, simply because I could.

I have the unbelievable luxury in my job of time off in the summer. Time to write and think, of course, because that’s my delight. But also, time to rest and renew and revisit the places that remind me of creation’s beauty and strength.

And maybe if I spend a month practicing the art of appreciation, it will be habit I cannot let go come the beginning of of my work year.

In the meantime it’s pretty beautiful on my porch this morning…

Where do you go, that’s not so very far, to fill up your soul?

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