Your Peace Road, llvl

What road leads you home?

I mean, what real road takes you to your spiritual home? When you’re driving down a particular road what’s the exact point at which you feel that deep, lovely exhale that says you’ve arrived safely?

Mine’s heading West on I-80 from the Delaware Water Gap, the grade not long after the rest stop, that heads down across the North Branch of the Susquehanna. From there to the Lightstreet turn-off, I’m heading home. Never mind that my road doesn’t stop there any more. Never mind I have more beautiful road to travel before I come home now, I’m “home” when I hit that hill.

These days I live and love my vida local thirty-five miles from my old home town. These days I float around Bloomsburg like a ghost, haunting old familiar spots without encountering familiar faces. It’s okay. Sometimes I need to eat a sub from Steph’s or to drive by the church or to walk in the park. I’m not really interested in building new relationships to tie me to the town… I have all those old lovely memories and a busy new life. And somehow seeing people I know makes me miss the people who are gone.

Still, I have that good road home in the setting winter sun. Deb Slade, illustrating my heart, one more time.

Where is that place for you? And which road leads you to some Peace for your heart?


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