Working Together

My church has a huge, no really huge, yard sale. Three wonderful people plot and plan and price to set it up. But what makes it work is the community. We have to donate. We have to tote and carry. And then we have to sell.

We need the yard sale, it makes a lot of money and our budget is dependent upon it. If we did it only for the money, it would be a pretty remarkable thing.

But more and more, I begin to believe that what’s best about this sale is not the money, but the community it builds. Last year 70 percent of us helped in some way. Last Sunday, we stacked chairs (and moved them outside, and eventually into the trailer.) We moved tables into position (carefully marked on the floor). We hauled boxes (inside and stacked them under the tables, carefully matching labels of box and table). We emptied the boxes (arranging the merchandise.)

The organizers had jobs for everyone, even the 7 year old.

That’s what makes great society, when everyone participates and has a role, regardless of abilities and age.

What are you doing that you might allow people to help you with and, thus, engage? You really don’t have to do everything yourself. It’s not good for you. It’s not good for your spouse, your family or your community. Share! It’ll be hard the first time… and then it will be a good time.

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