The World’s Hunger, Our Joy

There’s an aged Presbyterian Theologian (born in 1926) who keeps popping up in my consciousness as a gift from the outside world. Despite having started out a Presbyterian, I never encountered him… not in church that I remember, not in seminary.

Part of what I like about his writing is that it’s about service. Nothing of his that I’ve encountered speaks to the rewards of belief, instead I hear about the privilege of response. The quote from today about God calling us to “the place where our deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meets” is a wonderful acknowledgement of our deep resources and equally profound responsibilities.

When we know about something, we are called to care for it. We can see what needs to be cared for because we have the gifts to respond. Oh we are mighty creations. And so we must care for world. Ah Frederick Buechner what a gift you are. I’m grateful for all the cracks your words ooze through to encourage us…

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