Wild Sabbath Peace

Yep, this weekend has been flurries of fun mixed with serious moments…

It’s been a long time since I did anything that spectacularly, well, anything…

Taking off your clothes, putting aside good sense, and hopping into the cold water.

But Faye had always wanted to… and i had always wanted to see if I could… So we did and I could.

It’s important to have friends who dare you to deeper things.

Yesterday we hopped in the river. Today we’ll hop in the pulpit. That will be equally fun, very safe, but in its own way equally daring. In between we sat on the couch or at the table and laughed and talked seriously…

And then I’m hopping in my bed for a nap. Poor Faye has to hop in her car and drive for five hours.

I’ve got thinking to do about how our women’s college — Wilson — shaped my life. Today i’m just mulling about how that early connection holds fast in so many ways… and how good and rewarding that is.

Peace… through wackiness. We’ll laugh to that!





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