Where’s Reassurance? Where’s Peace?

For many years, in my life as a religious leader, I have not worn symbols of my office. Although I have other personal reasons, much of the work I have done has been interfaith and a collar would have interfered with that. And there was no real urgency for it.

It has never interfered with my doing my job. Here in my river valley, it’s easy enough to be known. But in today’s climate, there will be times I am called to show up that I believe a collar will be useful — as it speaks to power and as it reassures people in a crowd. It’s another way of saying I am here. I’m sorry it’s necessary.

I know a lot of people who are happy for their collars. I have no quarrel with them at all. It simply isn’t my style.

Having said that, if it moves the movement, there’s value… That said… sigh. And… you use power as you have it.

Stained glass? I love it! It’s so beautiful. I grew up with wonderful stained glass and when traveling still check to see the glass. But as my thealogy has moved, I look more to simple meeting houses that are warmed with love and passion for justice… But as my community begins to build, who knows what they will need. This is, after all, their house of worship. And I have nothing but welcome for Beauty.

In today’s world we look for places to find and ways to give Peace. We’re all going to have to stretch a bit. We’re all going to have to balance the needs, personal against the communal. And this piece of stained glass is beautiful.

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