When Disappointment Mounts, It’s Time for Peace

I have to tell you, I’m flabbergasted by the hate. I feel flat-footed and as if I’ve lost my rhythm for this dance of life. It’s not that the ugliness hasn’t already been there, but there’s been a horrible conflation of both painful reality and its exacerbation.

The deliberate inciting of hate is appalling. But this is a moment of decision. It is just now, now as we are frightened, appalled, angry at the elevated threats towards People of Color, LGBTQ, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Women, People with disabilities, that we are called to be about the business of Peace.

Life can be incredibly disappointing on both the personal level and the global level. When that is true it’s our time.

We must choose Peace. We must push back with Peace. We’re the only ones who can. We must choose Peace, recognizing our disappointment and in some cases our fear. Peace isn’t only for the good times. It’s particularly for the hard times.

This week we celebrated the first walk on the moon. I keep thinking we had the know how and the cooperation to make that happen, surely we can do better with Peace.

Surely we can. Surely we must. Now when we’re frightened. Now when we’re mad. Peace is our power to bring. Let us Peace. A whole world of Peace. Every place we can. Please.


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