Moon Walk; Peace Walk

Some 47 years ago, there were two guys jumping around on the moon.

It was quite a remarkable feat.

And all the more remarkable because there was a challenge to NASA as Russia was making great strides, and they set their goal and went for it.

Everybody did what they had to do to make it happen.

There’s quite a challenge now… we really need Peace. There’s such violence and hatred; we are the only difference that can be made — or at least the only difference we can impact. But we have each other to lean on…

We’re the only ones we can change. Our beautiful land with all the beautiful places and all the beautiful people must be cared for and set to rights.

There is no way to Peace, Peace is the way.

Isn’t it time for a new dance craze, the Peace Walk? (I suspect there is more kicking up of the heels than in the Moon Walk…


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