Well, It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This is a frightening year for a lot of people. Things that looked so steady: houses, careers, relationships have to frequently crumbled under the economic troubles. When the holidays roll around during such times, people can who might not normally spend much money during the season are feeling deprived. It makes it tough.

Stores are helping people (and, okay, themselves) by providing layaway options. Slowly, slowly people are working their way toward bringing home the bike, clothing, doll, toy that their loved one desired.

So imagine their surprise, when they went to pay things off, to find their bills marked paid in full. Angels have been going into stores and paying off people’s layaway. And when others hear about the angels’ actions, they’re doing it too. The angels feel great about themselves and what they were able to do. And the recipients are having a wonderful holiday made all the sweeter by someone’s generosity.

Is supporting shopping the way to change the world? Probably not. But will it make some people’s holidays merry and bright? You betcha. It’s a fairly simple gesture that warms hearts and unites strangers. Nice, eh?

Happy Day, folks!



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