Weaving Peace, llvl

This may well have been a road I shouldn’t have wandered down. To know, know, know me is know that I’m not really very crafty. So, I hope I got the images right… or right enough.

But the notion was that Peace is so surprising that entirely new scenarios, so different from what we’d planned can just occur. Sometimes that means that our plans are incomplete… so the pretty picture we’d envisioned doesn’t come to fruition. Other times things happen that we’d never ever conceived of. Boom and something’s moved to a new and wonderful place.

And of course there are set backs, which require re-evaluating our plans and starting over from a new beginning.

But all in all, it’s beautiful…because we’re moving toward Peace. So forgive me my incomplete metaphors… and keep weaving Peace, or planting Peace Gardens, or walking the Peace Road. Find the metaphor that works for you and work it!


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