Patience for Peace, llvl

Oh, waiting. It’s not what I’m best at. I sometimes can manage to occupy myself other places, until things have a chance to evolve, but… doing that Peaceful meditation rejoicing in each minute’s gradual flowering is not part of the Ann Keeler Evans skill set.

And yet, Patience is required. Especially when you’re working on huge projects. Things are slow. Things are disappointing. Things have their own time line. None of which is my favorite thing. And yet, each of those things is true. And so, Patience must be cultivated. And if I turn my eyes away and work hard on something else, then something else is getting my attention — that should be good, right?

But one way or the other, Patience must be exercised because the goal is much bigger than my little needs. (oh and doesn’t that sting!) Peace, here in my vida local — Peace, there in your vida local — asks not only for our passion, but also for our patience. Luckily there are those I work with whose skills are better matched to this part of the process and who can hold the line when I am practically vibrating with the need to do something, anything. I’ve never thought of being Patient as doing something. Patience doesn’t much care what I think. Sometimes Patience is the Work.

Watch this wonderful gift that Patience brought me and the Love Flows: the LOVE Project. Hurrah for all who worked on this: Eric Fladen and his Bucknell Film Class, Caring for Kids, Dieticians, Psychologists, and you.


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