Waterfall Beauty, Waterfall Peace

I suppose there are people who don’t like waterfalls. I can’t quite imagine it, but i suppose there must be… I’ve stopped to gaze at waterfalls everywhere I’ve been… When possible, I’ve swum in them. yayayayayay.

Aside from the beauty, apparently the falling water does the same thing that oceans do: produce negative ions that raise our serotonin levels which make us feel better. Here’s a collection of articles that talks about it. Interestingly, lightning is the largest producer of negatively charged ions… which may explain our excitement about them.

And then of course, large waterfalls can produce hydroelectric power and change the world or ok, maybe just the community for the better. Clean Energy! We like it!

Native Peoples have often found waterfalls sacred, they celebrate the source of life that is found in their beauty. Maybe it’s the ions, maybe it’s the mesmerizing nature of the falling water, maybe it’s the power — whatever it is, for me, it adds up to Peace giving time spent watching water fall.

Scott’s picture is wonderful. The falls are beautiful and the sunlight and shadow are also beautiful. Wake up, my dears, here’s some beauty for the day! Peace of the Waterfall be with you.


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