Valentine Peace

I recently read an article that said you can’t love the whole world, that that’s just too big a concept for our hearts to comprehend. I rarely argue with science, because science, like gravity usually wins. But if Peace depends on Love, because really, I don’t think tolerance is strong enough for Peace, then how do we get around our own very real constraints.

Certainly getting around our constraints to loving is the hard work of Peace. I think perhaps all I can do is love the people I encounter. And if you love the people you encounter and we love each other then love begins to spread across the world. It’s not easy, that’s for sure. Because loving the people I encounter requires going to my highest self. It means loving people despite, perhaps even because of their messy humanness. It means loving myself when I’m less than lovely. It means loving you when you step on one of my corns. It also means loving people who do really unpleasant things. It means, oh, darn it, releasing not judgment but judgmentalism. If I’m going to love, I have to find a way to accept people who stand for things that I abhor, even as I work to change those things, despite my awareness of them. It means being kind, when I am so gifted at snarky.

It doesn’t mean nice, which is such a namby-pamby kinda word. It means passionate about the world and its possibilities. Love is a demanding dance partner. But, oh! how our feet will fly!

Author’s note: as I was adding tags to this post, I noticed that love was not one of my tags. Slow, slow, slow to love the world. Still, we try. Enjoy this day of loving and being loved.


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