Twinkling Peace, llvl

There’s something so lovely about having an evergreen, a true outdoor tree, in your house. When you add the lights to it… sweet.

Growing up, the house I lived in was pretty quiet… So there was time spent in the living room, lights on doing nothing more arduous than reading. There could be five of us in the living room, with the only sounds the rustling of newspapers and the turning of pages.

Remember sitting together in a room, reading?  Remember when 3 people used to sit on a couch and not think you had to talk or have the couch to yourself? I miss being together in Silence. Steve and I are pretty good at it, we just don’t do it much… Note to self for the new year! just a quick step on the light button, and I can feel a big exhale arrive.

If it soothes your soul, I wish you quiet time with twinkling lights. I’m going to hog a bunch of this this holiday season. I’ve got some books lined up… Some days, not every day, but some days, Peace on Earth really needs to start at home!


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