Today’s Peace, llvl

Wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, Peace is right there… or it’s not. We have to carve our Peace out of today here in this vida local. It’s here in the little days as well as those big swooping fabulous days.

It’s easy to see Peace as outside ourselves, outside our lives. But we need to build structures at home as well as in our communities.

It may look as if I’m talking to you here. yeah, not so much, or well, oh, you two. I’m not good at attending to what’s going on in my life; at keeping the plates spinning… But life is easier when your car’s cleaned and the oil’s been changed, when your underwear drawer is filled with clean undies, when you can see the counter in your kitchen, when you do something little and silly so that you can just relax. It’s better when you spend time on your relationship.

Peace is built on structures. It’s a huge idea that needs great support and attention to the nitty gritty. So, put something away, why don’t you? I think I will… Peace, for all of us. in little steps!


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