Thinkpeace Workshops

Ok, it’s true. I’ve fallen in love. Kelly Himsl Arthur and Liz Overhuel Curry put their heads and hearts together and came up with a dream they could live into. Thinkpeace Workshops for girls is an extraordinary imagining. They have a one week camp for 14 girls (6th-11th grades), teach them about peace and introduce them to the Global Girls Community. The girls swim and do art and all the other cool camp things. And then they explore Peace. It’s crazy wonderful. They have a fabulous project they’re running to gather 5,000 pairs of underwear for women in Haiti and Zimbabwe. (undergird the movement, Ladies!) You want to know about this (if only because it makes you feel good.) You want to promote it to every little girl child you know. And you want to start banging your spoon on the table along with me and whining, “why don’t you have one for old girls?” (It’s true, we’re holding out for aerobeds and airconditioners, but hey! we’re old!). Here they are folks, giving peace a chance. Jes’ sayin’! go read every single page on their site. Kelly and Liz, hallelu! And thank you so much!

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