A Simple Message of Peace and Love

There has been a lot of noise about Iran and Israel, the threat of nuclear weapons, the threat of nuclear war. Most of us have read the news and shaken our heads, unsure how to make a difference. There is so much international posturing going on. What can we do?

Well, Ronny, a graphic designer and a father in Israel, decided to try something. He made a poster and put it on his FB page. It was a picture of him with his daughter and said: ‘To the Iranian people — to all fathers, mothers, children, sisters and brothers — we will never bomb your country. We love you.’

People started posting. Within 24 hours posters showed up on FB that said: ‘We love you back.’

I’ve been following for days. You should be following and posting. Or post Marlo Thomas’ article about it on Huffington Post. We don’t know what will happen on the international stage. It remains frightening. But we do know that citizens of these countries are opening their arms and taking one another to their hearts. In the 70s there was that old poster that said “What if they threw a war and nobody comes?” Well, the time has come. People are trying to host a war, and everyday Iranians and Israelis are not going. The time is now. We can make a difference. Bravo, loving Iranians and Israelis. Bravo you peace makers! Thank you so much, Ronny!

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